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Venezuelans are also one of the most appearance-minded people in the world.

Venezuelans place an extreme national pride on their physical beauty, fashion, and overall outward appearance.

This initial name later evolved into that of Venezuela, which was then used to name the colonial territory under Spanish rule as the Capitanía General de Venezuela.

Venezuela's national population is very similar to that of most other South American countries, with a mixture of an initial indigenous population, a large Spanish influx, and a significant population of African ancestry.

The population in the region is typically portrayed as open and rugged plains-people.

The population is far from homogenous, however, and even the language spoken in the region still reflects both indigenous and African linguistic influence.

As extremely modern-minded citizens, Venezuelans feel it is necessary to be fluent in English for cultural and commercial purposes.

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These groups tend to be regionally localized: The cities are mainly (but not exclusively) inhabited by whites and pardos; Indians occupy the remote Guianan and Amazonas interior; and blacks live along the Caribbean coastline.

This national stability is probably due to two factors: (1) Venezuela has an extremely small contemporary presence of indigenous communities to contest the national stability, and (2) until the 1990s Venezuela boasted an incredibly strong national economy. Venezuela is located on the northern (Caribbean) coast of South America.

It has an area of 352,144 square miles (912,050 square kilometers) and is bordered by Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, Colombia to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the north.

Historically the coast has been the most populated area in the country and is where most of Venezuela's population lives today.

The rest of the country is traditionally referred to as the interior ( el interior ).

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