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Most games feature graphical or other settings that can be turned down to enable faster performance, and higher compatibility with older computers. Turning them down - lessening the graphical razzle-dazzle in exchange for reducing the burden on your hardware - can solve some problems.

We often suggest that you don't use an Admin account to do your day-to-day stuff in OS X (although most of the time we do).

Nothing is more frustrating than a Mac game that keeps crashing, though.

You're just enjoying a good gaming session when it freezes, resets or boots you back out to OS X.

Set the Automatic Options update to High Priority - Always auto-update this game ASAP.

After pooling suggestions from fellow users, the problem was detected as an issue with the Anniversary update, as when the machine was rolled back to a previous pre-update build of Windows, it began working properly again.Be careful to check the game's support website for information about deleting and reinstalling the game, and in particular look for any information about transferring any game save data from one installation to the next.Microsoft has been criticised after the recent blockbuster update to Windows 10 was accused of damaging user's computers.If any of your games have uninstalled updates they will be shown here. If all of your Mac App Store games are up to date, it will say No Updates Available.Updating other games varies from title to title, but a quick check through the main menu should yield what you're looking for.

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