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In other words, send it to the bottom of the stack, press the left arrow twice, and the down arrow twice.

Then click on the 'Join selected endnodes with a new segment' button on the node toolbar.Click and drag the bottom-right node up and to the left: back over the cut triangle and in front of the page we cut, to get this effect. When Inkscape cut that square, it didn't leave us a "segment" between these two nodes; they're essentially just hanging there and the straight edge that's between them is Inkscape's 'best guess' at how it should look.If we don't join them together with a new segment, we won't be able to make any changes to the shape of this part.Activate the Pen Tool (keyboard button B) and draw a line which runs diagonally across the bottom right of the pad's top page, making sure it extends past both edges.This line will be our cutting tool, so position it where you feel the page curl should start.

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