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f you were watching me while I was sucking on another man's penis, you'd see that I was totally absorbed in it & enjoying the sensation, the control & the expectation of his ejaculation.I'd be pretty darned homosexual at that moment, at least 90%.It was strange, yet so familiar and, John had to admit, very, very nice. There has been a silent war between Sherlock and John since they first met.”Sherlock is not interested in sex, and John would never label himself even bi-curious, yet they want to be together and make it work. Sherlock has been subjecting the soldier to a type of psychological warfare, a subtle game of seduction. When Sherlock returns from his faked death John decides to end this war once and for all. “I’m consistently offensive to anyone and everyone, an aspect of my glittering personality that I’m sure you’d noticed before I donned these trousers. ” John catches a mysterious disease during his military mission in Afghanistan.If you had contracted HIV at the time of your first unprotected encounter and have not "offered" yourself for testing until "recently," you would have placed 2,999 others at risk.Luckily, most prostitutes are much more aware of the actual risk associated with unprotected sex and would not agree to your reckless and unreasonable pursuits of pleasure. Oh and by the way, if you happen to decide parachutes are overrated when it comes to skydiving, please don't take anyone with you as you test your hypothesis and jump from the plane "protected" only by your beliefs.

Tony, your behavior is not a noble scientific quest for knowledge and truth, but rather an unconscionable act of a hedonistic 58-year-old pleasure seeker with his head in the sand.I don't want to be a single in a room, but I wonder what will happen if I'm paired with someone I find impossible (or who finds me so -- as if that were possible!I am open to new friendships with open minded spirits.Yep, no matter how you spin it, that still adds up to unconscionable behavior. Last, Tony, regarding "90% of working girls will do it (have unprotected sex) for the right money . Of course I realise that my own case proves nothing, and many will regard me as foolhardy, but surely I am making a point: that cleanliness is more important than condom use (especially when they split).Tony, I'm delighted your hooker sex is so clean, neat and tidy, but that does not protect you or them from HIV infection. Whether you choose to believe them or not is totally up to you. What all these do-gooding health advisers don't appreciate is that when men reach middle age (I am 58) using a condom is 'no-no' because of loss of sensation and, hence, pleasure. Bob's Response: Hello Tony, You "believed" that the risk of heterosexual HIV transmission is hyped up, so you put yourself at risk by having unprotected sex with 3,000 working prostitutes in 30 HIV-hotspot countries?!?!? I have a few other words in mind, but being a gentleman, I'll keep them to myself for now.

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