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They have generators, heaters, etc a lot of items requiring fuel and there is a night watchman that comes out from Hoonah to take care of everything during the night, fuel the generators, etc.

The bear that wandered by their tent actually happened; they left cameras recording all night. The brother had to leave his love interest in Ketchikan for the good of the show and apparently this was hard on him.

In the book, Billy reveals he was born into a wealthy family in Fort Worth, Texas, but a plane crash killed both of his parents and his sister and left him orphaned at the age of 16.

An archived copy of the March 3, 1969 issue of newspaper seems to verify Billy’s story about the plane crash: “A Fort Worth couple and their 16-year-old daughter were killed Sunday when their light airplane plunged into Lake Travis, about 30 miles northwest of Austin in Burnet County,” reads the article.

A lingerie show quickly turns into a sexy and soapy display in the shower!

Accompanied by a professional camera crew, they will be filming this 57 day journey for a TV documentary to be aired nationally and internationally in early 2009.

I love how they act like they are living on a remote island with no other people.

There are a few small towns on the island and Juneau is like a 20-minute plane ride away from the town of Hoonah.

So they were returning to the Alaskan bush to “re-create the journey described in the book”?

That description seems backed up by numerous Alaskans leaving comments on the show’s Facebook page and compiled by Stoopid, before those comments were deleted: Verified info from my local Hoonah sources: The crew and family have been primarily staying in Hoonah at the Icy Straits Lodge, and daily boating out to the site to film.

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