Mint com not updating

The Royal Mint told This is Money that it will only accept returns of the coins within 14 days and those who want to sell the coins in the future will have to 'consult with a reputable coin trading agent.''Products must be returned to us in as-new condition in their full packaging.

If for any reason customers should wish to sell their coin at a later date, we recommend that they consult with a reputable coin trading agent.

Some countries have only just issued their 19 "old money" coin sets!

Availability* = Dates shown in this column are the most recent release dates advised to us by the mints or their distributors.

With Mint you have no local software to install, and it’s a service you can access with any browser or mobile device.

With over 15 million users, is a simple personal financial program that’s web-based.

Over the past several years I’ve taken for a test spin with my personal finances.We expect to have deliveries of official mint sets of coins from all 12 main Euro zone countries during 2002 plus the 3 minor ones.Some arrived as early as January, others may not be released unitl much later.Details of packaging and presentation have not yet been finalised for every country.Each country has its own ideas about packaging designs.

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