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The city vacillated for a long while between the Lacedaemonian and the Athenian interests.

Darius the Great's bridge of boats, built in 512 BC for his Scythian campaign, extended from Chalcedonia to Thrace.

Important villages in Chalcedonia included Chrysopolis In its early history Chalcedon shared the fortunes of Byzantium.

Later, the 6th-century BCE Persian satrap Otanes captured it.

During the Empire, Chalcedon recovered, and was given the status of a free city.

It fell under the repeated attacks of the barbarian hordes who crossed over after having ravaged Byzantium, including some referred to as Scythians who attacked during the reign of Valerian and Gallienus in the mid 3rd century.

This article is about an ancient town in Asia Minor.

In 451 AD an ecumenical council of Christian leaders convened here. The general Belisarius probably spent his years of retirement on his estate of Rufinianae in Chalcedonia.

Beginning in 616 and for at least a decade thereafter, Chalcedon furnished an encampment to the Persians under Chosroes II (cf. It later fell for a time to the Arabs under Yazid (cf. Chalcedon was badly damaged during the Fourth Crusade (1204).

The Greek name of the ancient town is from the Greek name (Karkhēdōn) of the ancient Phoenician city of Carthage.

The mound of Fikirtepe has yielded remains dating to the Chalcolithic period (5500-3500 BC) and attest to a continuous settlement since prehistoric times. Pliny states that Chalcedon was first named Procerastis, a name which may be derived from a point of land near it: then it was named Colpusa, from the harbour probably; and finally Caecorum Oppidum, or the town of the blind.

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