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We are not conceited enough to think we’ll make millions but it would really help in paying down my student loans (not all qualify for Planned Student Loan Forgiveness, and I just landed a nonprofit job so I have 10 more years of on-time payments before it’s forgiven with no tax implications), the second car we just bought (we shared a car the first nine years we were married), and saving for a down payment on a house. We were both raised with families making less than ,000 a year. We love and appreciate our parents and are fully aware that we will likely be supporting them (financially and otherwise).You don’t want the first time you’re grappling with that aftermath to be when it’s actually happening.You want to have a plan in advance, and you want to have thought it through enough that you’re comfortable with that plan — or at least comfortable with your sense of the risk vs. Speaking of reward, another thing I’d look at is what your earning potential is in the future. What are your combined earnings likely to be five years from now? If you’re on a path where you can realistically expect your earnings to go up significantly over time, that’s a point in favor of not jeopardizing that just to increase them a little bit now. Updated to add: Someone made the excellent point in the comments below that it might be much easier/safer for your husband to figure out how to go from ,000 to ,000 than to go the cam couple route.Well, first things first, I would find out for sure what the laws and practices are around getting content taken down if it’s posted without your permission.I had thought there are avenues for doing this and that adult sites were generally pretty responsive to that (at least the more mainstream ones) because that’s just good business practice for them — but I don’t actually know and am going off of vague memories I have of things I may or may not have read somewhere.

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