Dating a blue colar guy

My situation was very difficult for a while as I couldn't continue college and had to quit for personal reasons but I've been back since 2011.

I have interest in still continuing further, traveling and improving in French.

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Let's say you're a lawyer that makes 100k and you are surrounded by very educated and ambitious corporate people. What does it matter what other people think of your SO?

cant believe nairalanders are talking like this,for christ's sake dont u know what the meaning of LOVE is, TRUE LOVE for that matter.irrespective of class, status,colour whatevaprovided the two parties are matured enough to handletheir own personal issues.

I think that 'Men must be the breadwinner' mentality is flawed.

Even if am in love ,there would be a point in time where there would be an arguement of d "jobs". I believed he got intimidated by me because I was making most of the money working in the is the word rite dere..intimidated ...(sorry about that oo)but what i don't understand is that.if u are a degree holder, why shld u ever be intimidated ( i heard it happen most times) ..arent they meant to be supportive/happy or what? I also got started in the electrical field with my uncle who owns an electrical wiring company. You also have to be very intelligent to work those kinds of fields. It's not like you'd be dealing with an ignorant person because they don't have a particular degree. If someone goes for him now he'd wonder if it was because of his problem is not with the kind of jobthe problem is with the troubles dat comes along..see, i have no time for a guy to be putting me down cos there is a "gap" in our working conditionor for a guy to be cheating on me...etcmost times, guys of those caliber get intimidated easily and are not easy to deal with..put urself thru all dat all in the name dat "i dont want to discriminate" or " o well, itz just a start"You're right but then it's not the work you'd need to worry about but how secure he is as a person.

.wa oo Funny thing: There's a guy who does maintenance work for a top security company. Some people even with degrees don't make that much to start. Although when it comes to those types of trades you need to be certified and that takes training. Only an insecure man would hate on his woman for making more.

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