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Matthew said that his contract with the BBC forbade his participation, but Adams said, “Who will tell them?

” When the commercial was broadcast, everyone recognised Matthew’s voice and he was forced to resign.

The programme was criticised within the BBC for featuring too many American songs and hence, local folk music was added.

He was in his element and he worked alongside many names who became familiar such as Cliff Michelmore, Nigel Davenport and Alexis Korner.

In 1949, Matthew studied at Rada and then became an assistant stage manager at the Old Vic.

Starting in 1960, there was a similar show featuring Matthew on Sunday morning, , which he also produced, and it featured current hits played by the likes of Kenny Ball, Clinton Ford, Bert Weedon and the John Barry Seven.

Matthew was approached by Cliff Adams, who had been contracted to produce a TV commercial for the sweets, Murraymints.

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