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"Yeah, but I'm already sick of this bitch already," the tall senior confesses. "Let's just take her out for a night out in the town. I hate girls who are hairy." "Yeah," the fat senior laughs, as he makes the NRI his hairy asshole. Those who don't bother to keep them smooth, should go to hell." They all nod in agreement, that the hair must go. The super seniors get giddy as they dress themselves for the night. He moves the machine up her torso, then to her arms.

Memory 3 She finds herself not in the hotel but in some clinic. He also pays special attention to her underarms, burning away the hair roots off.

He rubs his finger across her crack to check for any stray hair strands. She then feels the operator shove his dick up her cunt and roughly fucks her senseless.

Soon they leave, with her in just her shoes, as they walk onto the streets. The people's heads turn to see what the entire ruckus is.

She gets elevated up and dragged away by some strangers, as the seniors just watch and laugh.

They then start to drift from her, as she was carried further away. All she knows that in the day she's in a dark room, and during the night she is out on the streets.

However Anuj, and Hridhya have other plans for her, as they are also following orders from someone more sinister than them. Her breasts are getting mauled by what looks like a valet. What else did the valet do to her unconscious body? She felt her legs stretched as he pushed them towards her shoulder to fit her in better.

This year, Deepika will learn that terrible things happen to good people. No one answer as one of them grunts heavily as he shoots his load inside. He tells her he has orders to bring her in the giant suitcase given by the trio, or to kick her out of the hotel for trespassing. As the valet stuffs her inside, she asks him, "Where am I? He tied her legs and hands with the belts on the suit cases, leaving her legs spread wide and along her arms. "The sirs had ordered me to do one more thing," he tells.

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